Aida Walqui – English Language Learners

One of the needs we are trying to address this year in our local district is the English Language Learner.  To help move the work forward, we are using the research of Aida Walqui as our guide.  Administrators and Instructional Support Staff were fortunate enough to have Aida Walqui as a speaker during the December administrators’ meeting.  Walqui outlined 5 principles for English Learners crucial to their education:  Quality Interactions, Academic Rigor, Focus on Language, Quality Curricula, and High Expectations.  In addition, she spoke about the 4 Quadrants of Interaction/Support: the Pobrecito Zone (low challenge, high support), Frustration Zone (high challenge, low support), Twilight Zone (low challenge, low support), and Apprenticeship Zone (high support, high challenge).  It is our goal to move all of our students and teachers into the Apprenticeship Zone.  According to Walqui, this means that students are perceived and treated as capable, legitimate participants; engage in rich, intellectually demanding interations that have been deliberately crafted; engage in high challenge, high support tasks that provide them with multiple points of entry to the academic community; and takeover responsibilities that are handed over to them.

Principle #1

Principle #2

Principle #3

Principle #4

Principle #5

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